Frequently Asked Questions


Are all the coats reversible?

            Yes, all our coats are reversible! It’s like having 2 coats in 1.

Do the coats have pockets?

            Yes, there are 2 side pockets on either side of the coat, that’s 4 pockets in all.

Here is a little trick. When you wear the coat place your items in the pocket on the reverse side of the coat. That way there won’t be any distortion on the front of the coat ad your valuables will be safe.

When you describe the collar as stand-up what does that mean?

            The collar is reinforced so that it stays in the position you place it. The design of the coat is for it to stay up and hold its shape and the reinforcement allows it to do that. This is a unique feature to the coat.

Does the collar stand up when you reverse the coat?

            Yes, the collar holds its shape either side you choose to wear.

I noticed that most of the fabrics you use are synthetic is there a reason?

            Yes, after a lot of trial and error I discovered that synthetics are a better choice for the styles I am creating. The new synthetics hold their shape better and tend to wrinkle less.

What is the best way to care for the coats?

            Dry Cleaning is recommended.

If I am not certain what size I should select what should I do?

            If you have any questions about the fit of the coat or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. You can contact me by email at Adeline@french-secrets.com or by telephone at 917-597-2448

About the fit

  • The Bordeaux coat is designed to be loose fitting.
  • The shoulder will be slightly larger than a tight fitting coat.
  • To make certain that the sleeves fit correctly, measure your upper arms at their widest point and check the size you are ordering to make certain they will not be snug.
  • The coat is designed to fall about 2″ to 3″above the knee

The cuffs are worn rolled up in order to show the contrasting fabric. Measure the length from the top of your shoulder to your wrist for the correct length.

Sizes Bust Waist Hip Around 

Upper Arm

XS 34 26-30 36 13
S 35 27-31 37 13.5
M 37 29-33 39 14
L 42 35-41 40 – 44 16
XL 43 + 29-33 39 17