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2 Dresses and a Wedding – What happened Next

July 25, 2017

2 Dresses and a Wedding – What happened Next

Planning what to wear to a destination wedding, it turns out, was fun!

The best part was wearing exactly what I envisioned and loving it. It wasn’t easy, it took planning and lots of flexibility but it was well worth the trouble.

 We were headed to Santa Fe for the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter. Getting ready to go means planning and staying flexible because something always goes wrong.

The most important thing for me is how I feel wearing the outfit I’ve put together. If I feel good I’ll feel good all day and evening. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter the reason, I’ll be miserable. Knowing that about myself I know I have to be flexible. I’ll need 2 looks, one for the Friday night welcoming dinner and the second for the wedding.


I love accessories and the inspiration for both looks started with accessories.

pearl earrings

Inspiration 1 –

These very large pearl earrings are just what I wanted. They definitely make a statement.



Inspiration 2 –

I decided to wear Les Beads the bright color dyed wood beads I designed for my line. I love the burst of color they add to any outfit.


For the rest of the wardrobe, I had a challenge; I’ve gained weight. A loose dress would work but I didn’t want to feel like I’m hiding. I wanted to create a look that was sliming.




I went in and out of stores looking for something  to wow me, nothing did. Finally I found a top that I liked and it could work (plus it was on sale!) so I bought it.

For the other outfit I scoured the internet and finally found a top I loved by Theory. It was perfect to wear with my accessories. I ordered it and had to pay for 2 day shipping to make certain I’d get it on time. I agree, I should have planned ahead.






 I needed to find another piece just incase. I found it at Tiger Lilly a small local store in Mount Kisco NY. A top by Joseph Ribkoff with off the shoulder neckline and big lace sleeves, it was perfect.

The solution I came up with was to pair the tops with first a white and then a black pencil skirt I already owned.


We were scheduled to leave at 7am on Thursday morning and at 7pm on Wednesday night my Theory top still had not arrived. I knew I still had a little time but I was cutting it close. I kept telling myself  “You really can’t leave things to the last minute like this,” my usual rebuke. At 8pm it arrived! I quickly tried it on and saw that it was tight. I took a breath and decided I’d figure it out when I got there and I placed the Theory top in my suitcase and thought about something else.


The Theory top was indeed too tight, there was no way I could make it work. I looked like a lumpy sausage, not attractive! Since I left the tags on it went back into my suitcase to be returned when I get home.


The Pleione top I’d purchased at Neiman Marcus as my backup was perfect with my white pencil skirt. The earrings were the inspiration but it needed more to make it interesting. I added lots of different lengths of pearl necklaces that I knotted so they didn’t look orderly. A little chaos is interesting and very French! I decided to wear simple sandals and carry a black clutch to finish the look off.

The outfit was basically simple, yet elegant. The fact that the earrings were bigger than normal made the look fun and definitely not conservative, just what I wanted.

Most important I felt great.


I wore the Joseph Ribkoff top over the black pencil skirt. Les Beads needed a bit of adjustment. I had envisioned long strands of colorful beads but that didn’t look good with the big lace sleeves. Instead I grouped them so they were short just around my neck and they didn’t interfere with the lace sleeves. The result was what I wanted. It passed the test; I felt great wearing it!

Again, I wore the simple sandals and carried my black clutch. The focus was on the necklace and the big lace sleeves of the top, I didn’t need or want another focal point.


Planning adds to the fun.

Most of the time I’m so busy with my life that I don’t do a lot of planning deciding what I’m going to wear. I generally find an outfit I like and choose accessories from my collection and out I go.

I’m not unhappy with what I’m wearing it’s just that since I like getting dressed up and my mood depends so much on what I’m wearing it seems silly to not spend more time planning.


                                        If you’re like me and love accessories.                                             Check out Les Beads at French-Secrets.

                            Get 3 bead necklaces, a small, medium and a Long for less.                               The long necklace can go around your neck 2 times

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