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April 21, 2022 1 Comment


There is something so graphic and yet ordinary about cheese boxes that I love. Different cheeses come in their own containers made out of very thin wood boxes that are generally thrown out. Except, that is, if you take a little time and look at them.

These wooden boxes were invented in the 1890s by an engineer named M. Ridel to allow the cheeses to travel long distances.

What I love about the boxes is that each box tells you a story about the cheese it contains, its name, what country it is from, where it is manufactured, what it is made of, its weight, and what I love is the imagery added to the box to describe the cheese. You’ll find that some have colors, some don’t, but they are all unique. So much so that I started collecting them and now they adorn my kitchen wall.

The thing about collections is once you start it is hard to stop. That’s because each time I see a new box I notice all the differences, the nuances, and I can’t help but look. And if I don’t have that one or even if I do, I often keep it.

When I’m in France, I can’t help myself. Sometimes I buy the cheese because I love the box. That’s never a problem because the cheese is always amazing. When it’s time to go home, I figure out, to my husband’s frustration, how to pack some of my favorite boxes to bring home and add to my collection.

A little while ago I discovered a woman who also had a love for cheese boxes, but she decided to express her passion by turning those designs into a business and that got my attention.

She’s inspired by the designs and transforms them into decorative objects, such as Lazy Susans, coasters, art objects, and even pillows.

Lazy Susan

I couldn’t resist—I had to get the Lazy Susan for my collection and I love it!

I reached out to Darrellene Lindsey of Darrellene Designs to find out more about her company and how she got started. And the answer is: she and her husband turned their love for France into a family business. What a great story and she is absolutely charming!

Darrellene is offering all French-secrets followers a 15% discount. It's perfect timing for Mother's day.

All you have to do is put the code FRANCE at checkout to get the discount. Time is limited the offer ends at midnight on Monday April 25th. Go to Darrellene Designs I think you will love them as much as I do.















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Judy Taussik
Judy Taussik

April 22, 2022

I have given 4 copies of this amazing cookbook as gifts to friends and family and everyone loves it!!

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