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DIFFA 2013 Dinner in le Boudoir de Madame Video

June 24, 2013

A view into Madame's Boudoir DIFFA 2013



I’ve always wanted to participate in DIFFA’s Dining by Design. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to entertain, so the thought of creating an environment for a dinner party was perfect. When the opportunity presented itself to collaborate with Charlene Keogh and Blane Charles on the 2013 event I jumped for it. I had no hesitation! Had I stopped to think about it, I might have hesitated, but in the end I’m very glad I didn’t. The concept of creating a dinner party in Madame’s Boudoir seemed perfect. There is something really fun about creating an event in an unexpected setting.

A view into Madame's Boudoir DIFFA 2013

A view into Madame’s Boudoir DIFFA 2013

Coming up with the idea for the room was easy, as designers, that’s what we do so well. But the decision to raise the money on our own and not use any corporate funding was the hard part. Let me emphasize – it was very hard! It took lots of time, incredible friends and dedicated craftsmen who volunteered their time and money to make Dinner in le Boudoir de Madame a reality; without their extraordinary support we could not have done it.

Merci! As Madame would say.

The red shoes that filled Madame's dressing table added fun and sculpture to the boudoir at DIFFA's Dining by Design 2013

The red shoes that filled Madame’s dressing table added fun and sculpture to the boudoir at DIFFA’s Dining by Design 2013

Raising the money without corporate help gave us the freedom to use any materials that inspired us and let our imaginations go wild. A designer’s dream, and I assure you we took full advantage of it!

Table Setting and Pillow Accessories

Collaborating was the part of the project that had the potential to be the most problematic, but it turned out to be the easiest.  Imagine, three designers, each with strong opinions, trying to agree on one design? Could have been a recipe for disaster… but it worked.

Adeline Olmer, Charlene Keogh, Blane Charles Hard at work DIFFA 2013

Adeline Olmer, Charlene Keogh, Blane Charles Hard at work DIFFA 2013The reason was simple; it was about the design, not the designers. When we disagreed on a concept we asked ourselves what was best for the room and the decision was easy.

When one of us wanted to promote an idea the task became to convince the others. The dialogue that ensued always made the room better. The collaboration was not about the individuals, it was always about the room.

The best part of the project – the reactions we received from everyone who saw the room. They loved it! “The room had so much in it that you didn’t want to look away.” Getting lost in the details of Madame’s life was part voyeurism, part story telling; either way people enjoyed the glimpse into this imaginary woman’s life.

Not willing to miss anything people lingered in front of Madame's Boudoir DIFFA 2013

Not willing to miss anything people lingered in front of Madame’s Boudoir DIFFA 2013

The comment that summed it up best was from a woman who came back after viewing the entire show. She wanted to tell us how much she had enjoyed Madame’s Boudoir,  “It was the best room in the show,” she said “and most important,” she continued,“ it was the only room that had a soul.”

As far as we’re concerned rooms should be alive — they should have souls. That was a compliment worth getting.

It’s not too late if you missed the show or want to see it again – watch the video now.


Dinner in le Boudoir de Madame

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

We thank these individuals & companies without whom this room would not have been possible.

For Building Madame’s Boudoir with donations of services & materials

Gregory Gaske GDC Contracting Construction of Boudoir
John Ragnatelli Elite Woodworking Construction of Boudoir
Mark Shearman Shearman Cabinets Chaise and Chaise Tables
Peter Grzybowski PG Interarts Fine Painting
Matt Meyer Alloyed Arts Gold Leaf on Mirror
Randy Lewis EPC Electrical Corp. Electrical Installation
Victor Roca Canal Lighting and Parts LED Lighting
Mark Sakowitz Bear Glass Mirrors
John Katimaris Katimaris Lighting Consultation

For Madame’s Furnishings with donations of services & materials

Joe Carini Carini Lang Rug
Alan Kerns Donghia, Inc. Fabric for Ottoman, Mirror Frame Fabric
Erik Dahl Sandringham Ltd. Upholstery: Chaise Cushion & Ottoman
Shipa Sawant & Nitya Krishnan Scube Design LLC Crystal Pillows
Debra Miller Tribeca Upholstery Satin Pillows

 Thanks also  to

Ethan SteinerAnnette Davis Plexi-CraftOsborne & Little Dressing Table,  Small TablesFabric for Chaise

For Gifts of Services … behind the Scenes

Harvey Talent Virtual Building Talent Architectural Drawings & Renderings
Dan Muro Fast Forward Unlimited Web Design, Support & Photography
David Levy Avi Moving
Steve Isaacson Isaacson Associates Printing, Madame’s Brochure
Marissa Chen Photography

For Gifts of Services … and part of the Scene

Ellen Kaye Moscow 57 Music
Diana Wright Pulleez Ponytail Holders

For Loans of Clothing, Furniture, Objets d’Art

Jonathan Burden Jonathan Burden LLC X-Form Stools in the Manner of Jean-Michel FrankPair of “Diamond” Chairs by German Artist Max Eicke
Montgomery Harris Montgomery Harris Gown, Decoupage Bags
Peter Soronen Peter Soronen Red Evening Gown
Linda Pagan The Hat Shop Hats
Jim O’Shea Museum of Sex Toys









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