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December 30, 2020 1 Comment


In true 2020 fashion we awaited the new year with a Zoom dinner party. The dinner was attended by friends who have kept our Saturday nights busy for the last nine months. That dinner date every week made me feel somewhat normal. We planned for it as we would any dinner party, deciding on the food: appetizer, main course, salad, picked the wine and planned dessert. Most often that meant cooking, though on occasion we ordered food at one of our favorite restaurants. We cleaned up, set the table, lit the candles, and changed for dinner to greet our friends who were all there on the screen and waiting at seven thirty when the party started.

Zoom was the only way to usher out 2020 and to welcome '21. When life gets back to normal, I’ll miss these weekly dinner parties. Zoom has brought my geographically scattered family within view of each other on a regular basis and particularly to celebrate the holidays—and for that I am grateful.

I couldn’t write an end-of-the year/beginning-another blog without mentioning the joy I feel every January at being able to start anew. Getting my naked calendar—yes, I still use a paper calendar—and filling it with all my neatly written notes that will welcome me during the following year brings me immense pleasure.

And a new year can’t start without resolutions. I learned a few years ago that all I need is one. It was a revelation. Focusing on one thing acts like a conduit that points you in the direction of that goal. Having just one goal doesn’t mean other things in your life fall to the wayside; quite the contrary, they seem to just take care of themselves as you focus on your one goal.

This year my one goal is to take better care of myself. After a year of COVID the importance of being at my best has really hit home. To say that I am going to walk/run every day isn’t as powerful as choosing to be strong by walking/running every day. I know this is semantics but context makes a big difference. Is the glass half full or half empty? If I see it as half empty (meaning that I'm frail and must become something else), I feel I’ve lost before I’ve even started, so for me to declare my strength and my ability to nurture it makes a huge difference in my perspective.

Happy New Year!
May 2021 be the year of all our dreams.


Tell us what you think.  
I'd love to know your New Year routines.
Do you have any?
Do you cherish setting up your new calendar as much as I do?
Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do they work for you?
I'd love to know what you enjoy about beginning a new year and what works.
Or do you dislike all the fuss about resolutions and stick to your routines. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below and start a dialogue. 

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1 Response

Tara Bolash-Larsen
Tara Bolash-Larsen

January 08, 2021

My husband asked me on New Year’s Morning what my New Year’s Resolution was. I said to make myself Happy and to take better care of myself (Self-Care) We are so busy making others Happy and caring for them we sometimes but ourselves at the bottom of the list. I feel the same about starting a New Calendar and each Jan 2 we change the batteries in the smoke alarms, check the bathrooms for expired meds to dispose of at the police station and to check expiration dates on condiments in the fridge. May not sound exciting but it’s important. Next to tackle a drawer or cupboard. Happy New Year !!!

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