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The 6 Pieces that Changed Everything . . . Are you Ready for a Fashion Uniform?

February 01, 2018 1 Comment

The 6 Pieces that Changed Everything . . . Are you Ready for a Fashion Uniform?


Arianna Huffington recently talked about women feeling that they have to wear something new every time they give a speech, every time they do something important that could be recorded. Why not have the freedom that men have when we dress, the basic blue suit, she said.  It's a good question and deserves to be thought about.

Why not?


Wearing a uniform is usually something you do in school, but I've found it to be a lifesaver when it comes to my basic wardrobe. It sounds simplistic but it isn't all that different from the capsule wardrobe everyone talks about. According to Susie Faux , who coined the term 'capsule wardrobe', it is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. Growing up in France closets didn't exist, instead each room had an armoire. You   learned to have a small basic wardrobe that you transformed with your accessories.


The uniform I like having is even more basic than the capsule wardrobe. I think of it more like having that basic blue suit worn by men, or the black turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers that Steve Jobs made famous by wearing it everyday. The difference is that mine is far more versatile and lots more fun! It can be accessorized with more than shirts, ties and pocket scarves.


 Here is what I've selected for my uniform:

I added a pop of color with this great new coat, (the Bordeaux coat fro the Frigid collection) along with a variety of accessories to create my WOW look. 

To change the look and make it slightly dressier I reversed the Bordeaux coat to the black side and changed a few accessories to transform the look. It's that easy! 

Where to buy the accessories 

Having a uniform gives me the freedom and adding the accessories allows me to have the ability to play and transform that uniform into unique looks. That doesn't mean that is the only thing I wear but it does mean that from day to day the only decision I have to make is what accessories I'm going to add to my uniform.

Less stress, more fun!

Wearing all black all the time isn't fun you need to add some color. Here is where it gets really fun!

I added a pop of color with my go to piece and bestseller this season the Bordeaux coat from the Frigid collection in fuchsia, grey and black inn boiled wool. Did you know the coat is reversible? 

Gotta have it? 

Limited quantity . . . don't wait! 

1 Response

E.🐝 Hawkins
E.🐝 Hawkins

March 25, 2018

Love, love, love these black pieces!! Great for travel!
Will you stock these pieces? I’d purchase them in a second,
Also love the Easter table tips. The jelly beans in the stem ware is a big hit. But I find I’m refilling 2x a day😳.
Always get great tips from the site. Thank you,
E🐝, San Mateo, Ca.

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