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We Love Our Pets

June 29, 2011

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We entered the restaurant, La Rôtisserie du Beaujolais* on the Quai de la Tournelle (5e arrondissement), and were seated at our table, given menus, and ordered our drinks before I looked up to take the room in. A large cat was headed in my direction. She maneuvered herself on top of the banquette, stepping behind the heads of the guests seated on either side. Her steps were so agile that hardly anyone noticed. Her look was clear this was her domain and we were only there because she had acquiesced. Her manner would have made other cats envious.



Shortly after we were served our appetizers, a couple and their dog were seated next to us. The dog, after a brief look around, proceeded to settle under their table. The cat, who was now curled up comfortably, had one eye open surveying her domain barely noticing the dog’s arrival. Our new neighbors turned out to be Americans who had relocated to Paris for business. The woman smiled as she saw me look over at the cat and said “I don’t know why they behave so well in France, but they just do.”




It all started with my dog Bentley. I made drawings, renderings and silhouettes of all her great expressions. They were so much fun that I decided to move on to the family pets.  They made perfect gifts.  Friends began asking if I could do one of their pets and then friends of friends wanted them too and so it went until I decided to make them available to everyone.


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Pet Boarder
* More about La Rotisserie du Beaujolais -They are owned by the same owners as Tour d’Argent, that is located across the street, you will have a good quality meal that is  affordable in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxed, as far as I’m concerned that says a lot!

From their menu . . .

Située en plein coeur de Paris, à deux pas de Notre Dame et du Quartier Latin, La Rôtisserie du Beaujolais vous propose une cuisine traditionnelle de qualité dans une ambiance chaleureuse. Le Chef vous accueille depuis sa cuisine ouverte sur la salle, et vous ne pourrez manquer notre mascotte Beaujolais, mi-chat mi-fauve qui somnole toujours à la meilleure place!

Translation . . .

Situated in the heart of Paris, a few steps from Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter, La Rôtisserie du Beaujolais offers you quality traditional food in a warm and welcoming ambience.

The Chef welcomes you from his open kitchen overlooking the dining room, and you cannot miss our mascot Beaujolais, half cat half wildcat that always naps in the best places!

Pet boarder

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