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What’s in Your Closet? Secret #2 of 4

April 07, 2014


Water pouring through the ceiling of my closet was not good. The fact that my clothes were not ruined was, but repairing the damage meant I had to empty out my entire closet.

The truth is, my closet had gotten so full that I could no longer find all those great sale items I’d told myself I just had to have. It was time to go through my clothes, but the thought totally overwhelmed me.

In the back of my mind I remembered what I’d learned growing up as a French women. The perfect wardrobe consists of well fitting, cohesive basic pieces that can be worn with each other to create all your looks.


I decided that the best way to start this task was to rent 2 clothes racks and divide my clothes into 3 categories; keep, giveaway, and undecided. Having an undecided category took the pressure off having to decide on the spot-I could go through them again later.

Clothes Rack
I asked myself these 4 questions:

  1. Does it fit perfectly?
  2. Does it highlight my best features?
  3. Do I feel great wearing it?
  4. And finally do I get compliments when I wear it?

Only if I said yes to all 4 questions did I hang it up on the keep rack, if I had doubt they went on the undecided rack. Everything else was placed in my give away pile.

Where I had trouble was when I found myself remembering how much I’d spent on a dress or that a well-known designer had designed that suit, or that this particular shirt was a gift from a friend. After awhile it became very clear that emotional attachments and sentimentality had no place in my closet. If it didn’t make me look great there was no reason to keep it.

French-Secret # 2;
Do not wear clothes because they’re beautiful, wear them because they make you look and feel beautiful. Having a wardrobe of a select few pieces you know are perfect for you is far better than a closet full of clothes you like.

Secret #3 peakThe Avignon scarf is perfect to wear this Spring!
Here is the link to see it in the French-Secrets store.

You are beautiful, so make certain that what you wear shows that off!

Follow-up Links
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The Avignon Scarf

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