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Books -

Black Swan of Paris by Karen Robard 

Black Swan of Paris Book Review

During WWII the underground played an important role in subverting the Germans that were occupying France. I always assumed that there was a camaraderie between all the people who were working together. The Black Swan of Paris describes that it was exactly the opposite. For their survival they were secretive and only knew the small groups they were affiliated with. Knowing more jeopardized everyone. If caught and tortured there was no guarantee that they wouldn't talk. Karen Robard reveals, in a strong well written story, that secrecy and mistrust and not friendship was how they survived and were effective in their mission. I really enjoyed this book.

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Louise Penny 

The series about Chief Inspector of Homicide Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec

Louise Penny Books

Over the last few months, I started reading the Canadian writer Louise Penny. I have so enjoyed her series about Chief Inspector of Homicide Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec, that I’ve been binge reading the series. They are so charming and when I finish one I can't resist going on to the next and I have.

The stories are murder mysteries that take place in a small town between Montréal and Vermont. As they solve the murders we get to know the people that live in this small village Three Pines and they are wonderful. 

I have to confess that Ruth Zardo the seventy-something poet that lives in Three Pines has become my favorite nonfiction character so far.  Honestly, I can’t wait to find out more about her and therefore I have to read on.

To my delight, there are fifteen books in the series so far.

Amazon has the first three books available in a boxset. 

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Saving Sophie by Ronald Balson

Saving Sophie By Ronald Balson

Ronald Balson creates a multi-layered, engrossing plot that unfolds as the characters attempt to save Sophie. The story includes a kidnapping, a terror plot, stolen money, and murder. All you need for a good mystery. Balson includes a history of the Arab and Israeli conflict that makes it a fascinating historical novel. 

This is a good read - I was riveted. 
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Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman

I was recently reminded of how much I love this book. It is a wonderful book that describes Ilene Beekerman's life through the clothes she wore. Each story includes a drawing of the outfit that accompanies her recollections.
The book was made into a Broadway play written by Nora and Delia Ephron. To be very honest I liked the book so much more than the play. I've given this book as a gift for years. When I looked for it on my bookshelf I realized it wasn't there! I gave it away and didn't replace it. I just ordered another copy. I can't wait to get it! 
You're going to love it!
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A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

French-Secrets Buy A Gentleman in Mosco

This is not a new book it was published in 2016, by Amor Towles. If you haven't read it yet YOU SHOULD! I loved this book. When I finished reading it I started the book again. It is the story of a Count who is under house arrest in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow in 1922. The book describes his life in this infamous hotel. I was totally charmed by his encounters.

My favorite line from the book " look as if you've never seen a beautiful woman step from a closet before..."

"The book is like a salve. I think the world feels disordered right now. The count's refinement and genteel nature are exactly what we're longing for." (Ann Patchett)  -  I so agree!

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I recently read a book recommended by my editor Betsy.

I AM I AM I AM: Seventeen brushes with death by Maggie O'Farrell 

I AM I AM I AM by Maggie O'Farrell

It is a well-written memoir, that is an open and honest compilation of stories that revolve around the authors near-death experiences. Don't let the subject stop you. The book is engaging and thought-provoking. In my mind, any book that makes me think about its subject is worth reading.

I recommend this one.
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Flowers -

Send farm fresh cut flowers  

Farm Fresh cut Flowers delivered - Beautiful

Whether you give or receive flowers, They are wonderful!
Spring is here, Easter and Passover are around the corner so why not bring the outside inside with flowers delivered fresh from the farm. I love this assortment of multi-colored tulips! I can never find this mixture at stores without buying tons of tulips to create something similar but never this fresh! Go to the site and see what they offer. 

I'm sending them to myself this year! Don't be stingy on yourself! 

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French Lavender Sachets 

I love these French lavender sachets made from vintage French fabrics and filled with lavender from Provence. They remind me of being in Provence every time I open a drawer! They are also one of our favorite hosstess gifts. 

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Beauty Products -

Elizabeth Arden Lip Fix Cream 

Find out what red lipstick is perfect for you and how to keep the lipstick on your lips. Read the Blog post here.

Are you having trouble getting lipstick to stay out of those lines that have appeared around your lips? Don't despair! Elizabeth Arden's Advanced Lip Fix stops your lipstick from bleeding. Try it and see how well it works.

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Misc Products -

POST-IT® Notes

The perfect Post-it notes to use when you entertain

Read about how I used Post-it® Notes to make entertaining easy! Here is the link to the post

I’d never thought about using Post-it® notes to organize a dinner party, but why not? I wrote down all the steps to be done—one to a Post-it ®. As each task was done, we removed the Post-it®. it's easy and so simple.

Find out all the details on the blog post. Here is the link

These are the ones I think work best.

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