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A Really Efficient Way to Cook

I taught a real-time focaccia and risotto class. It seemed a little odd to combine two techniques in one class, but I needed to fill the hour the focaccia dough needed to rise. It worked really well. Prepping and cooking different recipes at the same time wasn’t any harder or more time-consuming than cooking one thing.

To simplify the process I printed out the different ingredient lists and placed each on a baking sheet and then set out all the ingredients I needed for both recipes and placed them on the corresponding tray.

When I started cooking, everything was at my fingertips. It was a stress-free and effective way to cook.

And then I had my aha moment: this is how restaurant kitchens are able to prepare so many meals at one time. Before ever starting to cook they spend time preparing and organizing everything so it is in its place (mise en place), measured, chopped, and sliced. And all the needed tools are laid out in front of them so when they start to cook, that is all they are doing—they are not distracted.

What works for restaurant kitchens can easily be adapted to work in our home kitchens. What’s important about this method is that you can cook varied dishes at the same time and have them ready for the week ahead; it frees up our time so you don’t have to cook every night. If you make large enough portions, you can freeze the rest for future meals.

This method doesn’t eliminate cooking, but instead of breaking it up into a nightly task, you are now doing it all at once—efficiency at its best.


Mother's Day is almost here!

Here are a few gift suggestions:

  • A book and one video class of her choice

  • A book, with the "Food Splashes, Grease Splatters, Stains Happen" apron

  • Give her a party with 5 of her friends

    • A book for all participants

    • The "Food Splashes" apron for everyone

    • A personalized video cooking class technique to be determined

    • The class is interactive with personal instructions

Or let her choose with a gift certificate


"My Mom was born and raised in France and let me tell you, this book is authentic. The only thing missing was that little Mom hand that would tap me in the back of the head (ok , so maybe it was more than a tap, lol) when I did something incorrectly. This brought back memories and I thank you!!" —Linda Dyche

Le Kitchen Cookbook

A Workbook

Everything you need to know to be a good cook.

by Adeline M. Olmer

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