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A Resistant Cook's Story of Carrot Ginger Turnip Soup

A Resistant Cook's Story of Carrot Ginger Turnip Soup

This week, I’ve had a lot going on in my life (more about that later), and just as I was asking myself what I would write for this week’s blog. I got an email from my very good friend Betsy.

You know when things fall into place, and all you can think is wow, someone is watching over me--this is one of those times.

Re: A Resistant Cook's Story of Carrot Ginger Turnip Soup

Betsy Robinson

I do not like to cook. My kitchen is the size of a large closet and the process of getting ingredients prepared is awkward and unpleasant.

But today, inspired by your wonderful cookbook and love of food as well as my final CSA share for the season, I made the most delicious soup. As usual, I winged it, wrote nothing down, only did a google search to see if any humans combined turnips and carrots—yes, they do--and I commenced chopping and boiling.

3 large organic carrots—scraped and chopped

1 large turnip. I nuked it in the microwave for 2 minutes so it was soft, then I chopped it up.

A thumb joint of raw ginger, peeled which is extremely unfun, but at least this time I didn't cut myself so no blood in the soup.

A small organic onion, minced

A slice of organic apple because google said it's done. I promptly ate the rest of it while I simmered the concoction.

I forgot about it all for an hour while I finished reading a novel, then, because I have my dead mother's ancient blender whose top broke several decades ago, I blended in small portions, holding the plastic top of a storage container on top, and I didn't splatter it out of the blender all over myself and the counter and the walls.

No spices and it tasted scrumptious.

I hate writing down recipes, but because I have emailed you my soup saga, I now have even overcome that bit of resistance.

Thank you, Adeline!

I can promise you that I’ll be making Betsy’s soup this week, it sounds wonderful!

Merci Betsy.

Let us know your thoughts when you try it, and I’ll do the same.

Do you have a recipe you want us to try? Send it to me, or post it in the comments, please.


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Thank you for a good laugh and the idea of mixing carrots and turnips in a soup!

Adeline Olmer
Adeline Olmer
15 gru 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

It's yum! Let me know what you think when you try it. ❤️


01 gru 2023
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This is a good one. It reminds me of the.Alice B. Toklas cookbook where amounts are rarely aspevifie

Adeline Olmer
Adeline Olmer
15 gru 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

I love cooking with approximates. Then it's all by taste.

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