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Book launch — I’m so excited!

Updated: May 24, 2022

My book has been published and THIS WEEK IS LAUNCH WEEK!!

As you know, I’ve been working on this book for a long time and now it is officially out of my hands and into yours—that’s an amazing feeling.

The experience of writing a book has been incredible. I’ve loved the process of researching, testing recipes, and especially writing. I wasn’t expecting how difficult the process of editing would be. No matter how often the book was read by my editor, my husband, friends, and me, there were still mistakes. There was so much we didn’t see. When I finally sent the manuscript off to be published, I really thought I’d found all the errors. I’m sure that isn’t true and you’ll find other typos. If you do, let me know so I can correct them.

From the beginning I‘ve been certain that once the book was published it would become a bestseller. It’s hard to explain why I’ve felt so definite, but I have and I do. And to my surprise, I’m not embarrassed about making that statement.

On the other hand, I’d read that many or most cookbooks were rejected by Amazon because they believe it is hard to find truly original recipes. It didn’t sound good. I knew one way or the other I would publish the book. But one way or the other I was determined to publish the book. So much so, that when I went to get my COVID vaccine, (I was a little concerned since I have a lot of allergies to medications) I told my husband, as we waited on line, that if anything happened to me I wanted him to make certain my book would get published!

In its instructions, Amazon’s publishing department, KDP explains that before your book can be approved for publishing it needs to be reviewed and that can take from 24 to 72 hours. They tell you that they will notify you if you have been approved or if there are problems. I knew my book was different and I was pretty sure there would be issues and I would have to go back to the editing stage. Waiting for Amazon’s response was a special kind of torture.

(I’ve just found out that the information I’d read about Amazon’s rejecting cookbooks is erroneous. Apparently, it’s a rumor that’s been repeated on the internet. I wish I’d known, but now that I do I hope that anyone going through this process won’t have that worry.)

However, 20 hours later, I was notified that Le Kitchen Cookbook was published. Amazing!

Want to get your hands on a copy?

There’s even a BONUS for early buyers.

Anyone who buys now can ask me any question about cooking, sauces, a certain recipe from the book and I’ll make you a personal video response with an answer.

Here’s how to get the bonus:

  1. Buy the book on Amazon (and leave an honest review please!)

  2. Email me your question with a screen shot of the receipt of your book purchase:

  3. I’ll send you video with the answer to your cooking question + all my thanks!

Also, do you have a friend in mind who would love a book like this? Tell them about it and send them this link:

And let them know that they can get a personalized video from the author (see BONUS above) if they buy now!

Here is some info about the book.

Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook: everything you need to know to be a good cook,

This is not an ordinary cookbook.

Most cookbooks tell you to follow a recipe and you’ll create good food. They do not teach you how to cook; they teach you how to follow instructions. This cookbook is a workbook that teaches you how to cook, explaining the interplay between techniques, flavors, and how to combine them into a delicious dish, or how to adjust a recipe into something that better suits your family’s tastes.

This cookbook is a workbook that teaches you how to cook, explaining the interplay between techniques, flavors, and how to combine them into a delicious dish, or how to adjust a recipe to your liking. It also gives you space to make notes of your successes, what worked and didn’t and there is room to write down the recipes you create. This process puts you in charge and gives you confidence so when your family and friends say, “Please make it, it’s my favorite!” you’ll know-how.

Le Kitchen Cookbook has more than 100 recipes ranging from 24-hour Lamb (sure to become a favorite) to veal Moppet (tender veal in a cream sauce) to a delicious berry cobbler. This book will quickly become your go-to reference and a family treasure to be passed down to the next generation.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you enter the kitchen knowing you’re not a slave to a recipe. Instead, you can play with ingredients and flavors, and create something that is not only really good, c'est fantastique! That’s when cooking is really fun!

Don’t forget the BONUS! When you buy the book, you can ask me a question about cooking and I will send you a video with the answer. All you need to do is email me your question with a screen shot of the receipt of your book purchase and I’ll send you a video with the answer.

Thank you in advance for all your help. I am truly grateful. Adeline


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Jane September 03, 2021

Congratulations!! I just received my copy and it’s AWESOME! It’s even great for a beginner like me because you break things down so clearly and actually make it fun! My husband is a good cook – opposite of me – and he loves it too! He keeps stealing it from me. :) I'm not gonna let him put his name on the front.

Thank you for putting this brilliant cooking guide out into the world. —Jane

Reply: September 03, 2021

Jane, I’m so happy you like the book! It really is great for a beginner cook to easily learn and for a good cook to understand how to easily get better! Thanks for your wonderful comment!


Vivien Chen September 03, 2021

Congratulations! What a great achievement! —Vivien

Reply: September 03, 2021

Thanks, Vivien!


Get the Book Here !

Le Kitchen Cookbook

A Workbook

Everything you need to know to be a good cook.

by Adeline M. Olmer

I have a favor to ask!

Could you take a moment to write a review? Your comments really help others

make confident decisions. xox Merci


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