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Since I followed my own advice, Easter dinner is pre-cooked.

What are we eating, you ask?

Asparagus soup is the first course, then we move on to my braised lamb en sauce recipe. I like to serve a simple green salad before dessert. The acidity in the vinaigrette assists in clearing your palate and the slight break in the meal helps your digestion. The bright lemon flavor of the classic French tarte au citron is the perfect finish to this meal.

Since everything except the salad was made ahead and frozen, all I need to do is heat up the dishes and toss the salad.

With extra time on my hands. I’m planning on doing what I love—setting the Easter table.

Here are some images from years past.

One more thing.

If you celebrate Easter, I’d love to see pictures of your celebration, your table, and your meal. Post them in the comments or you can use hashtag #frenchsecretfoods on social media.



Take some time to create a table that makes you

and your guests smile. :)


Happy Spring, Easter, and Passover


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