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I Have Two Things for You This Week

Updated: Feb 15

1.         What I enjoy about living in the northeast of the United States is that we go through all four seasons. Some I like more than others, but there is something in each season that I love and look forward to every year.


For winter, it is that magical snowstorm. The one where there is nothing to do but watch the snow accumulate. Where sound is dampened by the amassing flakes to create that magical silence that only happens when it snows. Where the sky is no longer open but is now full of flakes that have become a solid moving mass. And where every object grows in prominence as it loses all its color.   


The unpredictability, of the storm makes it even more exciting. At best we have a few days to prepare but even that is uncertain. Or there’s anticipating the big one, the one that everyone is talking about and then it’s a mere dusting or it doesn’t happen at all.


We were just blessed with the first snow storm in two years. A winter wonderland. I took pictures to savor and share.




2.         This week I’m posting the video to go with last week’s recipe for caramel walnuts. The video makes it easy to understand. Watch it, make it, and if you have any questions, just ask in the comments below.

  • NOTE: The video is 9 minutes long, the actual cooking time was 13 minutes, and 40 seconds.

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