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My new site is L I V E and I’m thrilled!

Actually, it’s not quite finished; there are still lots of blog posts that have to be moved over and some adjustments that have to be made here and there. And then there are the things I haven’t discovered yet, the links that don’t work, information that should be there but isn’t. All these things will get worked out.

As you are exploring, if you see something that doesn’t work or that needs editing, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it. Also, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, let me know that too.

The person I need to thank for the design of my new site is Celia Coughlin-Surridge. I loved working with her. She listened, understood, and gave me what I wanted and things I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them. She accommodated any changes I wanted without hesitation; making certain she understood what I wanted so she could find the perfect way to accomplish the results.

What is important to know about working with Celia is that she tailors what she does to your needs. I needed a new website so that is what we created.

If you are looking for help, consider working with Celia. I’m thrilled I did!

These are a few of the changes you’ll find on the new site:


Part of what I love about writing a weekly blog is the ability to interact with you. I like the dialogue, hearing your thoughts, and learning about your interests. The problem I had with my old website was that it did not allow me to respond to your comments. I knew it could be done but not on my old site. That was the impetus to looking for a new platform.

Since spam is a big issue with comments, the way to prevent it is to create a membership and ask you to join. All that means is you sign in once with your name and create a password. That’s it; the software then recognizes that you are a real human and not spam.

Things We Love:

On that tab I’ve added a list of kitchen tools, the ones I like and recommend.

The second part of that section is called MISC. It includes other items we love such as books I’ve enjoyed, gifts I’ve given, and other things I want to tell you about.

I will keep adding to this page and would love to hear what you love.

Tips & Tricks:

At the bottom of every page, you’ll find a section called Tips & Tricks with buttons that will lead you to blog posts that refer to those categories. Hopefully, you will find this helpful when you are looking for something specific.


I’ve added a section called restaurants that lists restaurants I love and go back to. It is an ongoing list, one that I hope you will contribute to. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me about the restaurant you love, where it is located, why you like it, and why you are recommending it.


I’ve added an app for recipes. It will enable you to print out the recipes and lots more. I am still learning about the app and working on converting the recipes to this new format.

Take a look around, explore the site and let me know what you think—I’m all ears!

Thank you to everyone who got a sneak peek and helped me by testing the site ahead of time. Your suggestions were amazing!


Click Here to see the site


Your cookbook is a treasure! Thanks again! —Madeline Weinrib

Le Kitchen Cookbook

A Workbook

Everything you need to know to be a good cook.

by Adeline M. Olmer

I have a favor to ask!

Could you take a moment to write a review? Your comments really help others

make confident decisions. xox Merci


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Your new site is fantastic! It is now a bookmark along with my other favorite sites. And...the Amazon link worked. I bought a zester! Congratulations.

Adeline Olmer
Adeline Olmer
Jun 17, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Arlene. I am so glad you like it!! It is still a work in progress but at least it is live and I can share it.

Enjoy your zester and all the flavor it will add to your food.❤️

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