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Our Home Was Invaded with Green Frogs!

On Christmas day I began noticing the appearance of these little green frogs. Where were they coming from?


“Do you know anything about these little frogs?” I asked our daughter, Olivia. She mumbled, “No” but didn’t look at me. That was a giveaway—she, her husband Greg, and our son Tyler were up to something.


I placed the nine found frogs on the dinner plates. “Let me show you,” I told her as we walked into the dining room. “They’re gone,” I exclaimed! She started laughing and gave me a sheepish look.


“There are 200 little green frogs hidden in the house,” she exclaimed. “You and Mark will still be finding them for years to come.”


“It’s an infestation!” I exclaimed.


Mark hadn’t noticed them, or at least that’s how it seemed. We agreed to not tell him and wait until he discovered them on his own.


“Aha,” I chuckled when I noticed Olivia, Greg, and Tyler: sneaking in and out of rooms. They were all guilty.


Just before turning the lights out one night, I noticed a frog at the foot of our bed just looking at me. Adorable!


We were waiting for Mark to mention the frogs, but nothing. So Olivia decided to place a little green frog on the kitchen island to speed things up. We all watched as he cleaned the island and swept the frog into his hand and headed for the garbage. “What are you throwing away?” she asked.


“A frog,” he replied.


“But aren’t you curious where it came from?" she asked.


“Probably the same place the ones that are in the cabinets and drawers did,” he replied.


We exploded into laughter. He had noticed them but just hadn’t said anything.

The fun thing about these frogs is that even though they’re right there in front of us, sometimes we don’t see them. It’s crazy, because when they do pop into view, you can’t figure out how you could have missed them. It turns out there is so much right in front of us that we just don’t see.


To keep everyone informed we’re tracking our daily tally and photographing our progress. 


The invasion of the little green frogs and there capture.

When we find a frog, Mark or I exclaim, “Got one!”


“Where?” the other responds, since we’ve probably walked past it a dozen times without seeing it.


Who would have thought that an invasion of cute little green frogs would be so much fun?

Thanks, Olivia, for coming up with this fun idea.


H a p p y 2 0 2 4 !


What about you?

What were your holidays like? Did you do something especially fun?

Let us know in the comments below. Merci


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Jan 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I absolutely adore this piece--the writing, the art, and the message. Brava, Adeline.

Replying to

Thank you! It has been a fun experience I loved sharing. 🐸

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