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Spinach and Egg: A Ten-Minute Dinner

Updated: May 20, 2022

A night alone is the perfect time to make one of my favorite meals – creamed spinach and fried eggs. This is not a dinner I would make for my family, because they don’t like spinach. I find that hard to understand.

I first had this combination as a child. My mother would take me shopping and we would have lunch in the big department store restaurant. This combination was always on the menu and our favorite treat. It was served with two fried eggs over creamed spinach and toast points on the side. Since it isn’t on menus anymore I make it as a treat that reminds me of special times with my mother.

I take creamed spinach out of my freezer and put it in the microwave. My favorite brand is Seabrook Farms. It comes in two sizes. The smaller 9 oz. is perfect for one and the 16 oz. package is good for two servings. Then I fry two eggs with olive oil and a small amount of butter. I love it when the white is well-browned so I cook them well on one side. If you want to cook the top of the eggs, turn the fire off and turn them over they will cook just enough while keeping the center runny. Five minutes later I’m setting the table. Instead of toast points I get out my package of Eli Zabar’s bread crisps. They are quick and delicious.

Et voila, dinner is ready! In less than ten minutes I sit down to a delicious meal and almost no clean-up. Now who can argue with that?

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