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Super Bowl LVII

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Your favorite team may not be playing in the Super Bowl but that doesn’t mean we won’t all be watching. After all, it is the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles; who do I want to win? I live on the East Coast so that’s my bias. I realize that isn’t a great way to choose a team but it works for me and I’m going to enjoy the game.

Except, that is, if I find myself in the kitchen. Having friends over is fun but only if I’m able to enjoy the party with them. Partying and cooking can’t happen at the same time.

Since I love to entertain, I’ve had to come up with an easy solution.

First, I pick a menu I can prepare ahead of the time; even better if I can freeze it. So, when it’s time to party, all I have to do is heat everything up and start the party.

I’m starting with a big pot of chili. Since it freezes beautifully all I have to do is heat up the amount I need.

In my freezer I also find a container filled with quiche squares that are the perfect nibble. And so easy to heat up.

And then as the finishing touch, brownies, also found in my freezer. These are so good you don’t even need to thaw them.

I do purchase a few things:

Lots of taco chips



This ensures that I’ll be watching the game and enjoying the food along with everyone else.

Want to learn how to make a really great pot of chili? The chili class is available on recording. LEARN MORE

“I may not have participated in your online class, but I was certainly a fortunate third-party dinner recipient. I truly enjoyed the superb chili … Gindy learned to make with your awesome methods and secrets. The subtlety of some of the flavors was truly a special treat and surprise. Wonderful, delicious, and a delight to share.” —Peter

I loved your class!! My chili came out great and the flavors were so enticing with a little spice. Thank you. It’s my new recipe.” —Cathy Nyhan

Coming up:

The Best Quiche Ever class

Sunday, February 19th

4 pm EST


The brownie recipe is available in Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook on page 314

“Loved your brownies, they are delicious!” Barbara

Find out the 6 mistakes to avoid when making chili. LINK

Cooking Classes coming up:

Quiche Lorraine

This is my quiche recipe—it's really good!

It starts with pie crust, don't worry it's really easy.

Vegetarian? I'll send you the recipe with meat substitutes.

Sunday, February 19,

4 pm ET

$10.00 per household

Available classes:

Rustic Caramel Apple Pie




Le Kitchen Cookbook

A Workbook

Everything you need to know to be a good cook

by Adeline M. Olmer

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