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To do: Plan Fun

Summer is officially over, or so they say. Actually, the last day of summer is September 21 and I’m planning to enjoy every moment that is left.

As I mentioned, we had a staycation and I was determined to make it wonderful.

Once my last task was done and my computer turned off, my first assignment was to step away from my desk. But I wasn’t certain how to mark the moment that my vacation actually started. So I walked outside and plopped down in a chair and contemplated what I should do next. Uncertain, I gazed around letting my senses take in what summer had to offer: the colors, light, lushness, and the sounds that filled the air.

Movement caught my eye as I turned my head. A hummingbird. She was only a few feet away, wings fluttering in place, just looking at me. Those few seconds gave me time to really admire her before she darted off.

If I’d been sitting at my desk, as I had moments before, I would have missed this welcome to summer.

But that wasn’t the only animal that graced me with their presence this summer.

At dusk we were serenaded by what sounded like an army of frogs noisily croaking in the backyard. I went searching for the culprits and found one little frog by the side of the pool making all that racket. Thus began our nightly routine: Squeaky (I had to name him) would start up and continue long into the darkness. And then, to my disappointment, at the end of August our evenings were silent; Squeaky was gone. I have to say I was triste.

And then, on Labor Day weekend we were sitting on our friend’s deck on the Jersey shore. I was gazing at the cloudless sky, grateful for the perfect day when a large bird with its black wings extended into the sky. When I spotted the white head, I gasped, “What’s that?” But I already knew the answer. “Wow, it’s a bald eagle.” We watched as it soared through the air by expanding its wings and retracting them to continue gliding through the sky, repeating the motion as it continued on its journey across the heavens.

All three, the hummingbird, squeaky the frog, and the bald eagle, were gifts I probably would have missed if I hadn’t taken the time to look around.

We did lots more that made the time off fun: getting together with old friends, finding beaches for our weekly excursions, and hunting for the best lobster rolls and ice cream. But, and this is important, none of the fun would have happened without planning and taking the time to have fun.

Plan fun is going on my weekly calendar!

Changing my daily routine made a huge impact in my life and is something I don’t have to wait for my summer vacation to do.


Did you hear about my OUTRAGEOUS goal?!

Ending one year and starting a new one is an opportunity to think BIG!!!


Here Is What's Happening

  • September 22, I will be doing a cooking demonstration Poulet en Sauce at Albano Learn the five tricks chefs use to create the flavor that makes their food so good. Space is limited contact Amanda Demirjiam ( for more information and reservations or call 914-764-4051

  • October 15th between 6 & 8 pm, I will be at King's Crown Wine and Spirits in Pleasantville for a food and wine tasting as well as a book signing.

Space is limited – call for reservations 914-769-0042

King's Crown Wine and Spirits, 45 Washington Ave Pleasantville, NY 10570

More to come. . .


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