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What an amazing week!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I am on a high from all the replies I’ve gotten from all of you responding to my book and blog.

I write because I want to express my thoughts, recount the memories that come to mind when I want to tell you something specific. The words come from the images, sounds, and smells running through my mind at that moment that I want to share.

I discovered that making the commitment to post every Friday morning, no matter what, has given me a structure and strength I never expected. It was what empowered me to commit to writing Le Kitchen Cookbook: a workbook. I wanted to create a book with all the resources I wish I’d had as I was learning how to cook.

I felt that what I was writing was a gift I was giving myself, my family, and anyone else who wanted to understand the joy there is cooking and eating really good food. That pause of disbelief when you taste what you’ve made and are truly surprised by the flavor that swirls through your mouth, bringing a smile to your face and that feeling of pride that you actually made that.

And now suddenly the conversation has become a dialogue and I’m discovering the marvel of connecting with people I only know through words and I’m moved beyond anything I could have imagined.

Thank you for being there and reaching out.

I'd like to ask if you’ve purchased the book, and I know so many of you have, would you please take a few minutes to write an honest review on amazon. It really makes a difference. I know that I always read what other people have to say about a product before I buy it.

Haven’t bought the book yet: No problem!

Le Kitchen Cookbook

A Workbook

Everything you need to know to be a good cook.

by Adeline M. Olmer

I have a favor to ask!

Could you take a moment to write a review? Your comments really help others

make confident decisions. xox Merci


Bon Appétit
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