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What’s your favorite food?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago getting my hair styled. The subject of my book came up; of course it did.

The woman sitting next to me mentioned how much she loved cookbooks and of course that started a conversation about food and the process of writing a cookbook.

“What are your favorite foods,” I asked?

“Appetizers and desserts,” she replied.

“That’s fun!” I said and started thinking of all those great bursts of flavor that appetizers have the ability to fill your mouth with. And then to follow it up with an assortment of your favorite sweets. Just little morsels large enough for that rush of flavor. I love that idea.

Enthralled, I mentioned this to a friend. “That reminds me of a story my father would tell,” she recalled. “He was at a restaurant with his friend Sean and a group of other friends. The waiter was taking orders for appetizers. When he asked Sean what he wanted, Sean replied, “A slice of German’s chocolate cake, please.”

The waiter said, “Oh yes, but what would you like as an appetizer?”

Sean looked up and said, “I’d like a slice of German’s chocolate cake.”

Other people at the table jumped in trying to explain that the waiter wanted to know what he wanted for an appetizer not dessert.

Sean smiled and looked at everyone and then at the waiter and said, “I understand but I love German’s chocolate cake and I’d like to have it to start my meal.”

Everyone looked a little uneasy but when they saw the smile on Sean’s face, they relaxed.

For some reason starting a meal with the end was unsettling for everyone but Sean.

I love this story.

Is there really a reason why we cannot eat what we want when we want it?

How do you feel about mixing things up? And how would you choose to do it?

Would it be dessert first? How about just appetizers?

One more question: What’s your favorite food(s)?

Let me know in the comments below. Thank you.


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D. R. October 01, 2021

In Barcelona for almost a month, I became enamored with the public enjoyment of tapas. Different eateries, open very very late into the night, has specialties with the most seductive combinations of spices and herbs, meats and vegetables service often on wood boards, flying out of the kitchen sizzling hot or chilled to perfection. Often served with cava by the glass, so light and refreshing and cleansing the palate for the next taste. And so perfect for sharing with friend. —D.R.

Judy Taussik October 01, 2021 I always like having appetizers….especially if you have several people and can share! —Judy


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