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Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook

Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook

Everything You Need to Know to be a Good Cook

Most cookbooks tell you to follow a recipe and you’ll create good food. They do not teach you how to cook; they teach you how to follow instructions.

This cookbook is a workbook that teaches you how to cook, explaining the interplay between techniques, flavors, and how to combine them into a delicious dish, or how to adjust a recipe into something that better suits your family’s tastes.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you enter the kitchen knowing you’re not a slave to a recipe. Instead, you can play with ingredients and flavors, and create something that is not only really good, c'est fantastique! That’s when cooking is really fun!

  • Over 100 recipes
  • 361 pages, paperback
  • 8" x 10" format
  • Room to write notes and your own recipes
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