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“You don't need to be French to have 'je ne sais quoi'. You just need to know their secrets...” 

Le Kitchen Cookbook:
a workbook

Everything You Need to Know to be a Good Cook

This is not an ordinary cookbook. Most cookbooks tell you to follow a recipe and you’ll create good food. They do not teach you how to cook; they teach you how to follow instructions. This cookbook is a workbook that teaches you how to cook, explaining the interplay between techniques, flavors, and how to combine them into a delicious dish, or how to adjust a recipe into something that better suits your family’s tastes.

Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook Everything you need to know to be a good cook
"Everything you will ever need to know!

I have been cooking for 40 years....and I learned more in the first 25 pages of Adeline's cookbook than I ever thought possible! Have purchased a few kitchen essentials. Love the spaces on the pages for taking notes. Thank you!"

~Arlene V.



Adeline M. Olmer & French Secrets



French Secrets explores the everyday elements of French life, by focusing on attitude, style, and great food that all combine to create the joie de vivre that the French lifestyle is so famous for. This blog and I have evolved over time. It started as an expression of food, family, home and all the things that, for me, make life special (see more about my family). Yet I’ve also realized that as a French-born woman living in the United States, I have always been at the intersection of two cultures.



Cooking doesn't have to feel like a chore!

Learn simple tricks that:

  • Makes cooking easy!

  • Adds great flavor.

And all that in 20 minutes or less!

“Usually, one's cooking is better than one thinks it is.” 

- Julia Child -

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