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I’m almost at the end and all I seem to do is stare into space.

I’m going through the last, the very last part of editing—this is by far the hardest part of writing a book for me. I want to take a break, do something else for a few days.

I’ve come so far and it’s only a few steps to the end—but it feels like I’m moving in s l o w motion. Does this sound familiar?

Time for VACATION? As much as that sounds tempting, the problem is that wherever I go, I bring myself and my brain. So no matter where I go, it won’t be a vacation.

A quick glance around my desk, reveals piles of papers stacked high every which way—it’s a mess. While I was writing, I took time to clean and organize my desk. The space was clear, but now . . . Is it a reflection of the blahs I’m feeling?

Like it or not, if I want to have a focused mind, I have to have a clear space to work.

Task: 1. Clear and organize my desk.

The next question that comes to mind is: does it really matter if the book is finished a week or two later than I had hoped? In the scheme of things, no.

But my inner voice chatters, “Oh, get off your butt and just do it and stop whining.”

Do I need to listen to this constant quibble and dribble? What’s important is finding the right balance between productivity and taking care of myself.

Task: 2. Only concern myself with what’s really important.

I’m not sure if this is burnout or just a lull as I approach the end of an eighteen-month project, but why does it matter? What's important is that I do what I need to finish the book and not make myself crazy.

So I’m off to clean my desk and make some mental space to finish Le Kitchen Cookbook: A Workbook.

Wish me luck!


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Arlene Vaquer May 14, 2021

Keep going! You have fans that can’t wait to buy your cookbook!!!!! —Arlene

Judy Taussik May 14, 2021

You can do it! You have done the hard work and now you need to finish and move on!! So proud of you!!!😘 —Judy


Bon Appétit
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