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A New Way To Entertain—It's A Game-Changer

I’m excited to tell you about this new online cooking class series. It is about a new way of entertaining. You can make a truly gourmet French-style dinner entirely ahead of time!

I’ve experimented and created the ULTIMATE make-ahead Easter dinner and I’ll teach you everything in a 3-part cooking series. By the end of each class, you’ll have completed one of the three dinner courses that are ready to freeze until it’s time to party.

The food not only has to be good, but it has to be just as good when it is thawed and served. And this meal lives up to those expectations. Learn More


I love to entertain, mainly because of the energy of the conversation. But there is nothing I find more depressing than being in the kitchen finishing up the meal while everyone is in the other room chatting away with punctuations of laughter that made me squirm with longing.

That wasn’t my intention when I invited people over, especially when I suffer from fear of missing out, FOMO. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a way to resolve this issue: how to host and be a guest at my own party.

It took some time but I finally came up with a solution that saves time and eliminates stress and last-minute cooking and, best of all, gives you more time to enjoy the party with your guests.

It’s a simple solution: everything on the menu is made ahead of time and frozen until the party.

The trick is figuring out the menu. Everything not only has to be good, but it has to be just as good when it is thawed and served.

I always have appetizers in the freezer ready for when I need them. Quiche squares and gourgèrs (cheese puffs) are easy to make in large batches and they freeze impeccably. I simply pop them in the oven to warm up and take out flawlessly good nibbles without any work.

Once I find that magic combination, all I need to do is schedule time to cook at my leisure. So, when the party starts, I can enjoy the party—a delighted hostess makes for a good party.

With Easter and spring coming up I created the perfect French Easter dinner that you can freeze until you’re ready to serve it. I’ve designed my next series of three online cooking classes to create the following menu:

  1. Asparagus soup, as a starter to take advantage of this early harvested crop.

  2. The main course is braised lamb with assorted vegetables. Lamb is traditionally served for Easter in France.

  3. The conclusion is the classic French lemon tart. It's the perfect dessert to brighten your taste buds and prepare for what spring has to offer.

At the end of each class, you will have created one of these three dishes and placed it into your freezer ready for when you want to serve it for Easter or your spring celebration party. Doesn’t that sound easy?

You are also learning a new way to entertain—one that will allow you to enjoy the party along with everyone else. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Asparagus soup - March 5, 2023, Sunday 4 pm EST

Braised lamb with assorted vegetables - March 12, 2023, Sunday 4 pm EST

Lemon tart - March 26, 2023, Sunday 4 pm EST


$54 for the series of all 3 classes - $20 per class


Le Kitchen Cookbook: a Workbook

"I bought these for family members for Christmas, but I could not resist getting one for myself. My Mom was born and raised in France and let me tell you, this book is authentic." —Linda Dyche

"Adeline Olmer’s “Le Kitchen Cookbook” is an absolutely brilliant work. I was one of many who used to think that all I needed for cooking an excellent dish is a good recipe to follow. . . Ms. Olmer covers in highly organized detail the whole range of knowledge and skills that goes into good cooking, from having the right kitchen tools and supplies, pantry with the necessary cooking ingredients and materials, working knowledge of essential sauces and seasonings, excellent command of a whole range of cooking techniques, and, yes, your well-thought-out and tested (take notes!) recipes. This book should be your master guide to “le science du sauces, sauté et savoir faire!”

—Leighton Chong

Le Kitchen Cookbook

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by Adeline M. Olmer

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