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As November slides into existence the appearance of the holiday season is imminent and that means cooking. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a lot of different meals, assortments of cookies, or making food to bring to others—it can be a struggle, even overwhelming.

Recently, I had a limited amount of time and a lot of cooking to do. The thought of how I was going to undertake this felt bewildering.

I sat down and wrote a long list, the only thing I could think to do, of all the steps that needed to get done, and the timing. Grabbing a blank weekly calendar I plugged everything in and it all made sense.


Pie crust – make ahead

Bacon, cook and crumble

Swiss cheese – grate

Heavy cream and egg mixture – make the day ahead

Cook – the day of

Marinated pork

Freeze and slice pork into paper-thin slices

Make up the marinade

Marinate the pork for 2 days before

Brownie candies

Make the brownies 3 days before

Cut them into squares

Place them in paper squares to serve; cover with plastic wrap

Beef stew

Cut up all the ingredients

Cook 2 - 3 days before

Brown meat

Start to cook

Finish cooking

Cauliflower, fennel, and Parmesan soup

Can be made a week ahead

Cut up all ingredients

Cook the soup

Startled by the simplicity, and the ease, and clarity this scheduling gave me, I felt accomplished instead of frazzled.

That is a habit I’m going to continue.


Here Is What's Happening

  • This past weekend, I participated in a chili cook-off. first time ever. I had a great time. I'll tell you all about it next week.


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