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Traditional French Lemon Tart with the easiest crust ever.

Make it ahead of time, freeze the entire tart, or slice it into individual portions and take one out of the freezer when you're sweet tooth strikes.

Easy, Delicious, Freezable, Sweet, Dessert


I’ve been thinking about the ritual of eating and wondering why it can make us feel so good. I remember the meals that got my attention, the ones that made me feel privileged to be experiencing the food in front of me.

When I’m in France it isn’t just the great food that makes me feel so good; it is the entire ritual of food that I find so pleasing.

Going to the market to see what is in season, the conversations with the vendors where I learn about their produce and why it’s special. I can even taste before buying. Then I go home excited about my purchases and energized by having just stepped into the world of my food. I’m ready to transform those components into either a lunch or dinner.

What I find so profound about that experience is the connection with the people who grow my food. The feeling of pride they exude when talking about their food. It makes you feel special to be able to share in it.

Eating is a must for our survival but it isn’t just about stuffing food in our mouths. Though that will keep us from starving, it really isn’t a great way to nourish ourselves. It lacks any connection with the food and without that appreciation, food quickly becomes a chore we must endure daily.

Good food is a gift—one that we use to maintain our health. Only when we respect what it has to give us are we fully participating in the food’s life cycle. Only by shifting how we view the task of cooking from a hardship to a privilege does it actually become a joyous experience that gives us more than we put in.

I am not saying that cooking has to take all day. On the contrary, good cooking is just maximizing the ingredients we have, and often that is done quickly.

When I Returned To Paris. I experienced the dance that cooking can be and the pleasure it gives when fully enjoyed for all it has to offer.

Learning to cook doesn’t have to be difficult. But you do need to learn certain techniques that are essential in making cooking a joyous experience that feeds our souls and our spirits as well as our bodies.

*Do you want to find out about the cooking dance that I experienced in Paris? Read my blog post, Return to Paris


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This crust is so easy you don't need a rolling pin and you'll be able to use it with lots of fruit tarts.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

4 p.m. EST


Let's start by making a simple and delicious focaccia, then you'll learn all the possible variations.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

4 p.m. EST


Making a basic risotto is only the start. Once you've got the basics down you can play with the flavor and how you serve it.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

4 p.m. EST



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